TJLG Brokers Johnsonville Snack Deal

Johnsonville Sausage has licensed Monogram Food Solutions to produce various ready-to-eat meat snacks, in a deal brokered by The Joester Loria Group.

Through this agreement, Monogram will produce and market Johnsonville Deli Bites, Bacon Jerky and other meat snacks.

"Johnsonville is excited to partner with Monogram, a national leader in the meat snacks business, that shares our passion for providing customers and consumers with exceptional products,” says Marc Aneed, director of new business development, Johnsonville. “We look forward to working together to provide consumers with even more ways to enjoy flavorful Johnsonville meat snacks.”

The products are expected to hit retail and convenience stores nationwide this summer, with additional offerings launching in the future. 

“Johnsonville has a tremendous brand,” says Wes Jackson, president, Monogram Food Solutions. “We look forward to bringing consumers additional choices to enjoy the delicious Johnsonville flavor they’ve grown to love over the past six decades.”


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