Surge Signs Web-Comic Axe Cop

Surge Licensing signed an exclusive agreement to develop television, film, video games, toys, apparel, and other tie-ins for “Axe Cop,” a popular web-comic.

Created last year by Ethan and Malachi Nicolle, Axe Cop went viral soon after it was released, and has been written up by MTV, USA Today, GQ and Entertainment Weekly. Both “Axe Cop” and “Ask Axe Cop,” an advice column, were recently published as a trade paperback by Dark Horse Comics and sold out in their first printing. Dark Horse will also launch an all-new Axe Cop three-part comic book mini-series in March 2011. 

“I have never enjoyed such fresh stories and characters, which fully capture and embody the imagination of youth as I have with Axe Cop,” says Elan Freedman, vice president of Surge Licensing. “In a most coherent and beautiful way, Axe Cop turns the absurd and ridiculous into an action packed adventure, that can only be described as fun!”


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