Star Wars Clothing to Launch at Reserved

Pan-European fashion retailer Reserved, which is part of the LPP group, will launch a line of Star Wars apparel across the C&EE region, to coincide with the forthcoming DVD and 3D film releases. It is the first fashion apparel deal for the Star Wars brand, which is managed in the region by Plus Licens.

Star Wars is already the subject of an extensive licensing programme across the region. There are 15 distinct publishing deals in place, for example, as well as four local toy partners and stationery licensees in each major territory.

Plus Licens Camilla Olin says: “Star Wars is developing quickly now and the launch of apparel in Reserved is a very significant step in the evolution of the brand. The apparel lines will give Star Wars huge visibility across the region and also highlights a new chapter for the brand, taking it beyond toys and publishing and into new product categories.”

Reserved, which has 330 stores across the region, hopes to have apparel in stores by the end of this year and beginning of next, to coincide with the theatrical launch of Episode One in 3D in February 2012. 

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