Stand Tall...Shine Bright


First stop was Bologna, Italy, for the Children's Book Fair. After one week there, I then ventured onto Cannes, France, for MIPTV. (Remind me to tell you about the train ride from Bologna to Nice some time.) A bit homesick in France, as I knew my travels were not yet over and I still had another show in North Carolina (that's just another story), I opened my e-mail to discover a selection of the images that grace our cover this month.

Prior to leaving for my nearly three-week tour, myself and License! Art Director Robin Pelkki charged longtime colleague and friend, photographer Patrice Argant, with capturing the memorial lights that lit up the New York skyline-beginning March 11 and turned off April 14-where the Twin Towers once stood. From Manhattan's Battery Park to Liberty Park in New Jersey and the Promenade in Brooklyn, Patrice captured every possible angle, exclusively for License!. Why, you may be wondering, should these lights and a scenic New York skyline be the imagery for this month's cover? What do the lights have to do with licensing? First, as this is our official Licensing 2002 International Show issue, what better image than that of New York, the show's hometown? Second, the lights signified hope, change…and challenge. Third, and ironically, this year's show opens June 11, marking nine months since the tragedy of our times took place on U.S. soil. In my estimation, there is no better imagery.

We even took this month's cover photo one step further. To commemorate the shining memorial, License! reproduced the image to a poster-size format as a giveaway at LicensingCentral, booth #3773, at this year's Licensing Show. Stop by to receive your free poster while supplies last. As a proud note about the Licensing Show, in general, Licensing International 2001 ranked No. 147 in The Tradeshow Week 200 special report for the U.S., which was up from No. 170 in 2000, the first year Licensing International was even listed in the top 200.

This issue is chock full with editorial-from movie studio profiles and potential blockbuster updates to home d袯r highlights from the High Point Home Furnishings Show. Plus, Bologna Children's Book Fair and MIPTV properties to watch. We're not resting on our laurels. The License! Show Dailies at this year's Licensing Show will feature live news coverage and photography. The License! team looks forward to meeting with you on the show floor, and learning of your news, events, and promotions. Until then, I'm always reachable at (212) 951-6707, or via e-mail. Enjoy!


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