Rocket Inks 'Driver Dan' Deals

Licensing has announced a range of promotional and licensing initiatives for the preschool series “Driver Dan’s Story Train” in the U.K., with deals announced for electronic media and a tie-in with the U.K.’s leading tour operator.

Avanquest Software has developed a collection of 12-15 mini-games using Driver Dan imagery, branding and content. The games will be available for Nintendo DS and PC later this month.

The train-loving lion will also be featured in a new initiative at 19 Thomson Family Resorts across the U.K. For the next two years, the entertainment options included at the tour operator’s childcare facilities will feature Driver Dan heavily. Toddler Time, Thomson Family Resorts’ parent and toddler sessions, will be themed around the CBeebies TV show. Kids and grown-ups can join in with games and activities based on the adventures of the storytelling lion and his friends, further enhanced by toys, books and train sets, as well as promotional material and special gifts.

“We are delighted at the success of ‘Driver Dan’s Story Train’ on CBeebies, one of the most important and respected preschool channels in the world,” says Wayne Borg, chief operations officer, twofour54, one of the producers of the series. “And now, with partners such as Thomson, Avanquest and BBC Magazines, we are looking forward to taking the Driver Dan message of fun, reading and participation to the next level through major licensing and promotional initiatives over the coming year.”

“Driver Dan’s Story Train” is a 3Line Media production in association with twofour54 of Abu Dhabi and is the brainchild of children’s author and illustrator, Rebecca Elgar. The series currently airs in the U.K., the U.S., Latin America, Finland, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and the Middle East.

“Children love ‘Driver Dan’s Story Train’ and parents appreciate the important contribution it makes toward starting children on the road to literacy,” says Rob Wijeratna, joint managing director, Rocket Licensing. “The success of our current partners and the enthusiasm of those coming on board is testimony to the unique qualities that Driver Dan brings to the preschool market.”


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