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In addition to our news coverage, magazine features and video series, License Global's special reports and case studies offer a wealth of insider knowledge that will help you build your business and stay on top of current trends. Take your pick:

  The Brand Licensing Handbook  
  A special guide created by UBM's Global Licensing Group to help retailers and manufacturers learn more about the world of licensing.  


Top 150 Global Licensors 2017       150 Leading Licensees 2017       Top 20 Global Licensing Agents      

The Influentials 2017

This exclusive report, published annually by LG, provides a comprehensive look at the world's most influential licensors ranked by retail sales.        150 of the best licensees in the business, across all categories, from apparel to consumer electronics.        These leading agencies represent a diverse group of entertainment, corporate and celebrity brands and account for more than $60 billion in retail sales of licensed merchandise.       This inaugural honor recognizes those that have impacted licensing in a marked way. This year, License Global is proud to honor 19 women from 18 companies that have influenced the business of licensing.

Flick Pics

      10 YouTube Creators to Watch       New Social Media Platforms       Social Influencers to Watch
The definitive guide to the upcoming films and TV series that will drive entertainment merchandising in 2017.       Profiles of the hottest new digital content creators.       A host of new social media networks have emerged in recent years, and with them comes new opportunities and exposure for licensed merchandise.       10 popular digital content creators spanning entertainment, home, fitness and more that could begin to influence the licensing industry.

17 Retailers to Watch in 2017


Streaming Content with Licensing Potential


10 Video Games to Watch

Global retailers that are driving change, innovation and expansion.       Streaming video-on-demand is offering opportunities in brand licensing beyond traditional TV and film.       10 upcoming video games that are sure to inspire a host of new toys and collectibles for fans of all ages.        



The U.K.














eSports: Playing the Game


SVOD Re-Energizes Entertainment Licensing


The Influence of Social Celebrities

      The Growth of Subscription Box Services
Video games are no longer a solo sport as the genre gives rise to competitive gaming–and it's bringing in the crowds.       Streaming video-on-demand is offering opportunities in brand licensing beyond traditional TV and film.       Influencers are becoming more and more essential to building awareness and driving the success of product programs.       Subscription box services are offering a whole new avenue for brands and retailers to reach and interact with consumers.

The Real World Implications of Virtual Reality


The Gaming Industry Levels Up


Pop-Up Shops

      Live Events
From video games to theme parks, virtual reality is taking the world by storm and is helping bring top brands to new heights.       The video game industry is moving into crossover content and creating an entirely new way for brands to reach consumers and further expand their IP.       A look at the runaway success of this new retail format.       How companies are expanding and giving classic franchises a new life through live experiences.

Sports Licensing in Europe


Location-Based Entertainment


Toy Trends to Watch

      Tuning in to Anime
European sports organizations are expanding their brands to new territories around the globe, allowing for more opportunities to reach consumers and bring on new licensees.       How entertainment companies are using theme parks to enhance brand awareness and connect with consumers in a whole new way.       Upcoming trends in the global toy market that will impact both retail sales and how kids play in the coming year.       What used to be a niche market is burgeoning into a worldwide sensation, with consumers of every age seeking out merchandise based on their favorite anime brands.

Counterfeiting: A Game of Whack-A-Mole

        Protecting a core brand is of utmost importance–after all, it is the liveliehood of any licensor. But how do companies tackle an issue that seems to grow larger and larger as the world becomes increasingly interconnected?                


Authentic Brands Group       Activision      


      Cartoon Network
Disney       Emoji       Entertainment One      




      Macy's Parade       Marquee Brands

China's MTime

      NFLPA       National Geographic       Pokémon

Power Rangers

      Scott Living       Silver Buffalo       "The Simpsons"

"Star Trek"

      Tommy Bahama       Universal       Viacom

Warner Bros