Paris Hilton Dives into Brazilian Online Game

Paris Hilton dives into the popular Brazilian social game "Segredos do Mar" (Secrets of the Sea), launching a brand-new line of virtual items in Brazil. Hilton approved a range of underwater items inspired by her brand, including a mermaid that looks like her.

"Virtual items are really the next frontier for fashion designers like me," says Hilton. "It's a great way to introduce millions of social gamers to my brand."


This is her second line of virtual items launched in partnership with Mentez, a Brazilian social game publisher. In October 2010, she launched a virtual clothing line inside the Brazilian social game "Vida nas Passarelas" (Fashion Life).


"Brazilians love Paris Hilton," says Juan Franco, chief executive officer of Mentez. "Her first line of virtual items, on our fashion game Vida nas Passarelas, was an overwhelming success. We're happy that we have the chance to work with her again on Segredos do Mar."


"Segredos do Mar" is one of the most popular social games in Brazil. It's a virtual aquarium game run by Mentez. The game has 5 million players on Google-owned Orkut, a social network in Brazil.


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