The Licensing Academy

BLC&EE will present five seminars this year, each one tailored to doing business in the Central and Eastern European region.

Monday 7 March, 10:30 am
The opening address will be delivered by LIMA’s Marty Brochstein, who will give an overview of the global licensing landscape before offering a roadmap or checklist of considerations that parties can consider before they start using the licensing model to develop their business.

Monday 7 March, 12:30
Planet Retail’s Milos Ryba will present an overview of the retail landscape in C&EE, including current trends and studies of direct-to-retail licensing in the region.

Monday 7 March, 14:30
MTV Russia’s Nick Walters and Morten Geschwendtner, CEO Kidz Entertainment, both specialists from the region, will give step by step accounts of the challenges and opportunities of launching entertainment brands in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Tuesday 8 March, 10:30
Christian Fortmann from 24IP will highlight the technical and legal considerations that are vital to negotiating a successful licensing contract.

Tuesday 8 March, 12:30
Two licensees, Egmont Hungary’s Gyorgy Babos and Lizzy Card’s David Bozsan, will explain the opportunity for manufacturers. Using case studies of their own they will show how to choose the right license, and how to manage relationships with licensors, agents and retailers.

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