Hello Kitty KISS to Debut

The partnership between Sanrio and KISS will come to fruition next week when the full Hello Kitty x KISS collection debuts across the U.S.

"Over the past 40 years we have watched proudly as The KISS Army has crossed and come to include all generations and demographics,” says Paul Stanley, lead singer and co-founder, KISS. “This co-branding is trailblazing, and we have all been very excited about the collaboration of our two iconic brands from the beginning."

The line of co-branded products includes two different styles–Rock ‘N’ Roll/Rock Mood and 1976 destroyer/Street Mood. Each style will be featured on a variety of products including bags, jewelry, stationery, plush and t-shirts. Two teaser t-shirts from the collection were released at Hot Topic in April as a preview for the fall line.

Hello Kitty x KISS products will be sold at Hot Topic, Claire’s and select Sanrio boutiques, as well as on the Sanrio website.


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