Dolls at McDonald's


This month, McDonald's will offer miniature Madame Alexander dolls in Kids Happy Meals throughout Canada and the U.S. A collector's dream, the eight-piece doll line complete with open-and-close eyes includes the legendary Peter Pan and Little Red Riding Hood characters, a Caucasian and ethnic bride and groom, Cool Cathy, an African American doll, and the 100th anniversary Teddy. A first-time partnership, this promotion looks to bring new customers to McDonald's while exposing the Alexander brand to next-generation consumers. The dolls in the McDonald's promotion exist in the current Madame Alexander doll collection. Madame Alexander, a pioneer in the doll/toy industry, is credited with being the first to create dolls with open-and-close eyes and the first to create a doll based on a licensed character (Scarlett from "Gone with the Wind"). The Alexander Doll Company, based in New York City, will celebrate its 80th birthday in 2003.


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