Coke Inspires Menswear Line

Japanese designer Nigo has unveiled his new line of Coca-Cola menswear, which will be available at the Japanese boutique Beams.

Created under his new label, Human Made, Nigo reinterprets iconic work wear taking inspiration from vintage Coca-Cola vendor wear.

Items in the collection include a shop coat, cover-all jacket, a work shirt, cap, jodhpur shorts, a sweatshirt and four t-shirts.

“We were captivated by Nigo’s long-standing fondness for Coca-Cola, both the beverage and the fashion,” says Kate Dwyer, worldwide licensing director, Coca-Cola. “The fact that this new collection was inspired by the vintage fabrics and stitching found in Nigo’s own Coca-Cola collector pieces brings a real authenticity to it.”

The Coca-Cola x Human Made x Beams line will be available in Beams stores across Japan, as well as Present in the U.K., Haven in Canada and RSVP Gallery in the U.S.


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