BioWorld Adds Two Flavors of Strawberry Shortcake

CPLG and American Greetings Properties announced a licensing deal with BioWorld Merchandising, who will create apparel and accessory lines for the Strawberry Shortcake brand using both its classic 1980’s look and its new image from the TV series “Berry Bitty Adventures.”

Both Strawberry Shortcake product lines will feature collections of T-shirts, long and short-sleeved tops, fleece, hats, cold weather knits, bags and wallets. 

The classic collection targets tween, teen and young adult girls and will be available in stores this March.  The new collection is aimed at girls ages two to seven and will be available in stores in July. Classic apparel will be sold in specialty stores, while the new collection will be sold in mid-tier and mass-market retailers.

“Strawberry Shortcake is such an exciting brand to work on,” says Jennifer Staley, vice president of licensing at Bioworld Merchandising.  “It’s rare to have one brand with so much history and still be very modern. The apparel and accessory product lines that we have created really capture the personality of Strawberry Shortcake and there are lots of extra details, like strawberry scented t-shirts, that girls are going to love.”



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