Beanstalk Clients Roll Out Electronics

Top brands from Beanstalk’s client roster, including the U.S. Army, AT&T and Energizer, have unveiled new branded electronics and tech accessories.

U.S. Army: U.S. Digital Media has launched a line of tech accessories including earbuds, headphones, auxiliary power chargers, flash drives and car chargers; CTA Digital has created a full range of U.S. Army-branded video game controllers and accessories; and Skinit and Decal Girl have released a line of mobile skins and cases.

AT&T: Concept 101 was awarded a Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award for their AT&T branded sonic absolute speakers. Concept 101 has also debuted Bluetooth-enabled portable speakers and on-ear wireless and wired headphones inspired by the telecommunications brand.

Energizer: PowerBright, the Energizer licensee for power inverters, was also awarded a CES Innovation Award for the world's smallest cup inverter, a device that fits in car cup holders, converting vehicle power to four USB ports for charging on the go. Premier has introduced a refreshed line of Energizer-branded surge protectors, a line of iPhone 5 accessories featuring the “lightning connector” from Apple and a smartphone version of the iSurge travel charger; and Bower has launched its new Energizer-branded rechargeable camera batteries, camera flashes and card readers.

Stanley Black & Decker: Incipio has launched a line of rugged phone cases featuring the tool and hardware brand, designed for durability. One of the items in the line, the AR Stanley Case for iPhone 5, houses a detachable widget that, when paired with an app, helps you measure any short distance using augmented reality technology.

Frigidaire: New brand partner, La Crosse Technologies, has introduced a temperature monitor and alert system that allows consumers to remotely monitor temperature levels that affect their home, animals and valuables.


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