Bazooka Adds Juicy Drop Taffy Candy

Bazooka Candy Brands will expand its Juicy Drop candy line with the launch of Juicy Drop Taffy candy, which will hit stores in March. 

Each Juicy Drop Taffy pouch will contain eight pieces of taffy along with a sour gel applicator, allowing consumers to control their taste experience. The candy will debut in two flavors, Blue Rebel and Knock Out Punch.

"We are excited to add Juicy Drop Taffy to the Bazooka Candy Brands offerings and to be able to expand into the chewy category, which is the largest and fastest growing segment of non-chocolate candy,” says John Budd, vice president of marketing for Bazooka Candy Brands. "We invite our consumers to make taffy bold, test their taste limits and have fun, which is exactly what this line is all about.”


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