Alligator Books Renews Ben 10 License

Alligator Books signed a three-year licensing renewal for Ben 10, Turner CN Enterprises' leading boys property, in the U.K. The deal extends Alligator's Ben 10 license into 2013.

In addition, Alligator Books will continue to produce both the Ben 10 Classic and Ben 10 Alien Force product range, which includes a number of fun interactive formats such as coloring sets, poster art sets, stickers, magnets, coloring books and activity books.

"Ben 10 still ranks as one of the biggest boys brands around and has been a huge success for Alligator since we launched it in the U.K. in 2008," says Neil Rodol, managing director at Alligator Books. "Ben 10 remains one of our best-selling brands and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Turner CN Enterprises in the coming years."


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