Testimonials from the 2011 show

We work closely with both our exhibitors and visitors to ensure that Brand Licensing Europe delivers time and time again:


"Brand Licensing Europe is such an important show for us because it helps us build key relationships, showcase our brands and talk to our partners and to retailers. There is just an incredible atmosphere here. We felt it was appropriate to have 2 stands to really show off our amazing content but also to give us the space to hold all the meetings. It’s been a fantastic show for us, we’ve loved the atmosphere this year. It’s been incredible and we’re looking forward to it next year.

We’ve seen current partners and had many new partners come on to the stand. We had 200 leads in the first 2 days. We’ve seen many retailers - all of the key UK and European retailers have been on the stand.

It’s a tough climate out there, we’ve all had a tough time in the last few months but coming here the atmosphere is really positive.”
Mark Kingston, VP Consumer Products UK, Nickelodeon

“We’ve been part of Brand Licensing Europe for many years but last year we took the decision to come on to the main floor, we found that this paid back for us extremely well, we’ve expanded our booth size and our footprint this year so we could get more meeting tables in and make an even bigger statement. Really it’s a key moment for us after Las Vegas to reconnect with the industry and do it in a very efficient and effective way, because we have European and International outreach at the show.

Brand Licensing Europe has become so important for us because it is truly European. Although we have activities in France and Italy on a local level, this show is where we feel we have the right people attending. Not just licensees but also retailers are increasingly scheduling meetings with us or popping by. We’ve had a couple of really good meetings that weren’t planned. Had we not been here, we wouldn’t have had them, so we’re very pleased.

We’ll be back next year with the same statement in terms of our size, obviously promoting different priorities, but this is a part of our marketing plan moving forward and a very important element of it.”
Johanne Broadfield, Senior Director, Mattel Brands Consumer Products

“Beanstalk has been exhibiting at BLE for many years as we believe that, as an industry, brands are becoming a much more important part of the licensing industry. We represent some really important well-cast brands that we exhibit at BLE and gain new licensees for.

BLE is really the main showcase for the industry in Europe and increasingly, we are seeing people coming from mainland Europe not just from the UK. Manufacturers and retailers from around Europe are interested in the brands we represent because, we are quite unusual in the fact that we have celebrities, corporate brands and digital entertainment brands.  We offer a really wide range to the people coming to the show.

The show has a great vibe and we love being in Olympia where you have the natural light. It’s a very vibrant show and the first day is always so interesting, seeing what new properties are being launched.

It’s important for us for meeting both existing contacts and making new ones. As the show grows in importance in the industry we want to be part of that. We believe it’s important to support the industry as much as possible. We’ll be thrilled to be here next year .”
Louise French, Associate VP Marketing & Business Development, Beanstalk

“For Zodiak Rights Brand Licensing Europe is a must in our calendar every year. It’s where we bring all of our brands to talk to our partner’s right across Europe. We’ve seen many new partners -  it’s a must to be here. Everybody from our retailers, our licensees and our agents are in town.

The retailers are key and we have seen some of our major grocer partners from the UK. We’ve met a lot of new potential partners from Asia and Europe and also some interesting potential promotional partners to."
Jennifer Lawlor, Senior VP of Consumer Products, Zodiak Rights

“With several important launches coming up in the UK market in spring 2012, managed by Fluid World, the timing was perfect for Chupa Chups to make its debut at Brand Licensing Europe. At the same time we felt this to be a perfect platform to make an international brand statement at a moment when our licensing program is experiencing a strong expansion. In practice, that expectation was largely exceeded as we received non-stop interest and visitors from all over Europe and even from the US and Asia. We also found this is a unique opportunity to touch base with big international retailers who keep their fingers on the pulse of the market. Chupa Chups is already making sweet plans for BLE 2012!”
Christine Cool, Senior Brand Manager, Chupa Chups Licensing Division

 “The show has been great for us.  We have met many new contacts and received great interest in our properties. Both visitors and exhibitors had a positive vibe which led to a good atmosphere.  We have already booked our booth for next year!”
Femke Wolterink, Licensing Coordinator, Bruno Productions BV

“It was a great show for us, better than the past couple of years.  It felt as if there were more visitors and we were positioned in the same place, so a fair comparison year on year. We also had more visitors from Eastern Europe and USA than we had previously seen. The majority of our visitors were walk-up and not expected, and much more worthwhile than in previous years. The number of visitors has also evened out over the duration of the show. The third day has taken pressure off the first two, although inevitably it is quieter and unlikely ever to be as busy as the first two. BLE continues to be a great showcase for us and we've signed up already for 2012.”
Lauren Sizeland, Director of Business Development & Licensing, Victoria and Albert Enterprises

 “The Royal Horticultural Society Enterprises found Brand Licensing Europe 2011 an extremely positive exhibition.  We are in serious discussions with very promising licensees in the homewares and gift categories.  Overseas interests are also developing post show. RHS Enterprises is looking very much forward to building on this year’s successes in our new location at BLE 2012.”
Grant Tripp, Licensing Manager, Royal Horticultural Society Enterprises

 “This year's Brand Licensing Europe was without doubt the BEST show we have ever had.  I have to admit I was worried beforehand that there might not be a good attendance or that visitors might be more browsing than buying.  I needn't have!  We had more serious interest than ever before both from UK and overseas buyers.  I can't say whether that is down to an upturn in the economy or Pip's lasting and global appeal, but whichever,  it was it was good for us!

We have booked a bigger and better positioned stand for next year thanks to the new layout, and we're already looking forward to exhibiting.  Of course thanks to this year's show, we will have a lot more product to show off which always helps enormously!”
Karen Bendy, Director, Over the Moon Design Ltd

"We wanted to present our brand-new property "Mia and Me" to the international licensing industry and chose to have our own stand at Brand Licensing Europe for the very first time. The feedback on both the property as well as our stand was phenomenal. BLE was a perfect platform for our business and we have already confirmed our stand for 2012."
Peter Kleinschmidt, Senior Vice President, m4e AG

“Brand Licensing Europe worked well for us. It had great atmosphere and excitement.  Our new brand was showcased and was well received. The show generated several new leads and just 4 weeks later we have signed a license which is pretty good going!”
Anne Buky, Licensing Consultant, Imperial War Museum

“MGL had a great BLE. We felt that this was one of the most positive shows in years baring in mind the issues that surround the economy. We had a very busy show with our properties bringing in interest from licensees and retailers who, this year, seemed to be looking for something new and not necessarily media based which was great for us.
Though quieter on the Thursday our booth was busy with current clients as well as the all important walk ons, which shows that the third day is essential.  This is a great International show, which allows everyone the opportunity to end the year on a high and begin another with renewed energy!”
Sarah Lawrence, Licensing Manager, MGL Licensing

 “We had a great show meeting lots of existing as well as potential new clients, licensors and sub-agents. We were really pleased with the help we got from the Advanstar staff and our position on the floor worked very well. BLE really crowned a good suite of fairs for us, having visited Mipcom and Frankfurt Book Fair only weeks earlier. Following up the leads from BLE we are now looking forward to seeing our business expanding further. All in all - an excellent show for Plus Licens.”
Anna Lawrence, Brand Manger, Plus Licens

“This is the first time that we have exhibited, it has been really exciting and very satisfying. We have met a lot of retailers, distributors and licensees. The atmosphere has been great, very positive and that surprised me enormously because we are in a difficult economic time at the moment.

The show is an opportunity for us as it’s completely different from all the other shows we are used to exhibiting at. We didn’t know what to expect and it turned out to be very very positive. We hope to be here next year.”
John van der Herik, Owner, lief! lifestyle

“We were very excited about the idea we had and thought that this was the right place to launch it. It’s the first place you come if you are looking for a new brand, so if you’re launching a new brand, it’s the place to be.

This year has been really busy, we have had a lot of interest and we are looking for partners in toys, publishing, and clothing amongst others, so far it’s been wonderful. We’ve had people that provide e-books, people interested in doing animations, lots of publishers, a couple of really good toy companies, plus healthcare product manufacturers– we have had almost every sector pop by.

The atmosphere has been amazing, it’s really buzzing, there are a lot of people walking around and we’ve met people from all over Europe. There has been quite a global feel to it, which for us has been really interesting.”
Luciena Mazzocco, Creative Director/Owner, Luma Creative

“This year particularly went very well for us. BLE is always good to showcase your products and I think that it’s the place to be.  When you want to do something in the licensing industry you have to be here. For networking its perfect because it’s the place where you can meet everybody.

We hope to be able to present another brand next year to show what licenses we have taken on and how the product is doing in terms of development, we’ll definitely be here next year.”
Jeroen Menting, Managing Director, Glow Europe

“As always  BLE  has been a very effective way of communicating the new brand to the industry. We have been delighted with the wide selection of product sectors attending the show and hope to secure some meaningful partnerships to follow.”
Claire Atherton, Director, Absolute Licensing (Alison Jackson)

“This has been a very successful show for us. There has been a great mix of visitors from different countries including licencees, agencies and retailers.  A very positive show and Advanstar has been very helpful through the whole process.”
Maria Gardner, Director of Brand Development and Marketing Chocolate Rain Ltd, Fatina Dreams


“This is the start of our preview season for next Christmas, so our visit to BLE  is all about talking to the brand owners to understand what are going to be the next ‘big things’ before we meet with the actual suppliers to see the products. We are seeing the marketing plans and understanding directly from the licensors what they believe are going to be the next ‘big things’.

BLE is really important for me. It is the start point for us to build a calendar of which licensors we need to see to ensure we meet all of the licensees they’ve licensed their product out to. It is a vital piece for our preview calendar.

The atmosphere here is great. It’s really quite buoyant and it feels lively. Without exception everybody has been really friendly, we’ve learnt a lot and it’s definitely something that will be on my calendar to come back next year.”
Steven Bradley, Buying Manager for Toys and Nursery, Boots the Chemist

“What we’re looking for here is the next ‘big thing’, the next new character that every little girl is going to want to buy into. We also wanted to meet with our existing licensors to get an update on their characters and what activity is planned in the next year.

Some of the licensors we’ve met with have new characters that we aren’t yet stocking.   It’s been really exciting to sit down with them and talk to them about the actual character and hear their marketing plans. It’s also interesting to understand; which other retailers have placed orders and how the licensor can apply the character to your product. We gain insight into what the character actually is and how it will appear to our customer.

I would say that this is the premier show to come to if you are looking for characters. It’s certainly the one that we focus on as a retailer and the one that we make the time to come to. To take a day out from the office is quite a big thing for us but we do make time to come here."  
Yvonne O Leary, Buying Assistant for Girls Wear, Mothercare

  “I’ve been to almost every Brand Licensing Europe there’s been since it started. It’s a great opportunity, to catch up with the licensors that we work with already but it’s also a way of keeping in touch with who is new and what else is being offered on the market.

There really is no alternative. If you don’t come to this event you wouldn’t see what’s available, particularly in the UK. And it’s quite interesting, to see how many foreign participants are here now either exhibiting or visiting. It is clearly the main event for the whole of Europe.
Michael Shorrocks, Product Development Manager, MBI